Fixed Return

WaveTrendZ is one of the fastest growing company in financial market. We looking for dynamic, talented and skilled individuals who can take up new challenges and have passion for excellence, innovation and a burning desire to work in world financial market.

  • How will I get benefited by referring a Client ?

    You can join as Business Introducer with Forex Broker and refer a client thus will enable you to earn commission for each trade done by us. We directly or indirectly won’t get connected with forex brokers hence you will get 100% benefit.
  • What is the benefit If I refer clients to WaveTrendZ?

    Yes. When the client account makes profit, WaveTrendZ will get 25% profit share. From our profit you will get 5% share.


    Client Initial Investment: $10,000

    If Profit Withdrawal is $3000

    WaveTrendZ share (25%) = 3000 x 25/100 = $750

    Business Introducer share (5%) = 750 x 5/100 = $37.5

    (Business Introducer’s share will be negotiable based on business)

  • Can I mark up the profit share to the client ?

    Yes, you can markup the profit sharing. Its according to the investors.

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Risk Warning: CFDs and margin FX Trading is not suitable for everyone. It has a high level of risk to your capital. You should only trade with money which you can afford to take the risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. We encourage you to seek independent advice if necessary.

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